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     We'll board the bus at Roger's house at 1575 Alexander Ave in Chambersburg (17201).  Please plan to arrive at 1575 Alexander Ave. at or around 7:30 AM on Sunday, April 26, 2020.  We'll have some brunch style appetizers, Champagne Mimosas, coffee, bottled water, and variety juices, available upon your arrival.  Those wanting to sit in close proximity to one another are welcome to board the bus and mark seats with wraps.  Seating is unassigned (random).  Please do not mark any more than the actual number of seats needed as it causes great confusion when we all board the coach.  The seats behind the driver, on either side, are reserved for Roger and staff for communication with the driver, and for quick access to our products at rest stops.

     We'll board the bus and serve a three course breakfast at or near 8:00 AM.  Breakfast ware will be collected after eating.  Walking maps of St Michaels will be made available on the bus so they can be studied en route.

     We'll have a restroom and leg stretching stop near Annapolis (after about 2 hrs and 15 min. into the trip).   More appetizers and beverages will be served at this rest stop.

     We should arrive in St Michaels around noon.  We will distribute tasting bracelets as we disembark the bus.  Please note the drop off point, as that will be the place where we will board the bus for home at 5:30 PM.

     You are on your own for lunch at any of the many fine restaurants in St Michaels.

     My cell phone is 717-860-7678, and Patti's is 717-860-7264 should we be needed throughout the day.

     Back packs or sturdy strapped shopping bags or totes could be helpful for general shopping or for wine bottle purchases.

     We will serve supper and desserts near Annapolis on the way home.  We intend to arrive back at 1575 Alexander Ave. in Chambersburg around 8:30 - 9:00 PM.

     We will endeavor to adhere to the listed times but beg your indulgence should hiccups occur due to the nuances of over the road travel.

     The modern coach is restroom equipped.  Roger will provide the driver's gratuity.

     If any questions arise prior to our trip, please feel free to contact me at at any time. 


     Can't Wait !



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