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 A Day-Trip Excursion to Fallingwater


Saturday, October 20, 2018 





     The year is 1934.  Frank Lloyd Wright's career is on the rocks.  Wright is broke. His Wisconsin home, Taliesin, is in foreclosure, and numerous creditors are hounding him.  After a fortuitous meeting with Edgar Kaufmann Sr., the "Merchant Prince of Pittsburgh", a commision for a country house near a waterfall 45 miles south of the city is secured and planned.  The resulting structure quickly becomes the most famous home in America, revitalizes Wright's career to new heights, and elevates Kaufmann to a social status rivaling any of the famous Pittsburgh millionaires.  Fallingwater has never stopped receiving critical accolades, and foreign architectural students board planes and ships to travel to Fallingwater to experience this pinacle of organic architecture.

      We offer the optimum way to experience this American masterpiece.  We invite you to travel with us in comfort and saftey on a modern touring coach and allow us to spoil you with appetizers, breakfast, lunch, desserts, and variety beverages throughout the day.  Enjoy a Ken Burns DVD documentary about the life and work of Frank Lloyd Wright as we travel.  We'll leave Chambersburg around 8:00 AM, and return by 8:00 PM that evening.

The $140 per person trip fee covers transportation, all our food and beverage amenities, admittance to Fallingwater, and driver gratuity.  The first 50 paid registrations fill this excursion.  A 10% discount is offered for group registrations of FOUR OR MORE, bringing the per person fee to $126.

REGISTER - by clicking on the BUS EXCURSION REGISTRATION-FOR ANY EXCURSION tab on the upper left hand side of this page.  List the destinations as Fallingwater, and the date as October 20.  Registrations will be acknowledged upon receipt, and confirmed when paid so guests know their seats are secured. 

The ravine cradling Bear Run, the magnificent structure, the storied relationship between architect and owner, and the staging grounds and gift shop combine to make Fallingwater one of the most compelling and memorable destinations in the Untited States.  We hope you will take advantage of this most accomodating way to visit this National Treasure.  Fallingwater Excursion - Saturday - October 20 - 2018




  As of August 16 there are eight seats available for the September 8 trip to the fabulous Pittsburgh Strip Shopping and Dining District - REGISTER on .  List the destination as The Strip, and the date as September 8.  The trip fee is $110, or $99 with the group discount of FOUR OR MORE registrations.










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